A WordPress plugin that provides automatic git version control and deployment for your plugins and themes integrated into wp-admin.

It requires git command line tool with a minimum version of 1.7 installed on the server and the proc_open PHP function enabled.

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The idea

The plugin appeared as a necessity and as a continuation of GitFS. Together, they form a system that makes the life better for git-savvy developers, FTP users and, ninja code-editors.


How does it work?

Gitium is designed with sane development environments in mind, allowing staging and production to follow different branches of the same repository. You can also deploy code simply using git push.


What is gitium?

Gitium enables continuous deployment for WordPress, integrating with tools such as Github, Bitbucket or Travis-CI. Plugin or theme updates, installs, and removals are automatically versioned. Ninja code edits from the WordPress editor are also tracked by the version control system.




Easy to setup and use

Install it, insert your git URL, and that's it!


Preserves the WordPress behavior

This means that, as a site owner, you don't need to learn anything new. Just use WordPress normally and Gitium will automatically know when you add or remove a plugin or theme, or when you update or change one file from WordPress.


Accountability for the code changes

You can always find out who changed what. Gitium will set the WordPress logged in user as the author of the commits.


Safe code storage

If you have trouble with your site or, for some reason, the code is broken or missing, you don't have to worry about it, because you can recover your code from git.


Watch it in action

Presented originally at the WordCamp Romania 2014 by Calin Don

Feel free to use and contribute

Contributions in the form of issues, bug reports, feature proposals or good old pull requests in the project repo are all equally welcome!