Welcome to Gitium

Gitium enables continuous deployment for WordPress, integrating with tools such as Github, Bitbucket or Travis-CI. Theme or plugin updates, installs and removals are all automatically versioned. Ninja code edits from the WordPress editor are also tracked by the version control system.

What's its purpose?

Gitium is designed with sane development environments in mind, allowing staging and production to follow different branches of the same repository. You can also deploy code by simply using git push.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Preserves the WordPress behavior
  • Accountability for the code changes
  • Safe code storage


You can find more documentation on gitium docs page.


Development of gitium happens at http://github.com/PressLabs/gitium

Issues are tracked at http://github.com/PressLabs/gitium/issues

WordPress plugin can be found at https://wordpress.org/plugins/gitium/

You are highly encouraged to contribute with code, tests, documentation or just sharing experience.


This project is licensed under the General Public License version 2.0.