For resource definition check out Resources page.

  1. List all providers
  2. List a specific provider
  3. Create a new provider
  4. Update a provider
  5. Delete a provider
List all providers

By default this will list all the providers.

GET /providers/

Filters can be used for better results. The available filters are company and email

GET /providers/?company=Presslabs
List a specific provider

By default this will list a specific provider.

GET /providers/:id/
Create a new provider

POST /providers
    'name': 'Presslabs',
    'company': 'Presslabs SRL',
    'email': '',
    'address_1': 'Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 3, Etaj 3, Ap. 12 Timișoara,',
    'address_2': null,
    'country': 'RO',
    'city': 'Timisoara',
    'state': 'Timis',
    'zip_code': 300566,
    'extra': 'This can be used as an additional field to include into billing documents',
    'flow': 'proforma',
    'invoice_series': 'IS1',
    'invoice_starting_number': '1',
    'proforma_series': 'PS1',
    'proforma_starting_number': '1',
    'default_document_state': 'draft',
    'meta': ''

Update a provider

All the provider's fields are editable. Use PATCH for partial updates and PUT for full updates.

PATCH /providers/:id
PUT /providers/:id
Delete a provider

Provider deletion is actually a soft delete.

DELETE /providers/:id