Welcome to Toplytics

Toplytics is a WordPress plugin which displays the most visited posts as a widget using data extracted from Google Analytics. It is designed to work with high-traffic sites and all types of caching.


You need to have Google Analytics active on your site if you want to use this plugin!

Why should I use this plugin?

You should use this plugin if you want to display the most visited posts of your site in a safe and stable manner, with no risk of downtime or slowness, based on data from Google Analytics statistics. The plugin is built for high-traffic sites where counting every visitor's click loads up the DB and can potentially crash the site.


  • Connection with Google Analytics Account using OAuth 2.0 method;
  • Starting with the plugin version 3.0 we have switched to GA API v3
  • Offers a widget displaying the most visited posts as simple links (no styling);
  • The widget can display the most visited posts from the past day, week or month;
  • You can set the number of posts to be displayed between 1 and 250;
  • It can also display the number of views as counted by Google Analytics;
  • i18n support/translation requests are more than welcome;
  • Generate the list of the most visited posts dynamicaly with JavaScript to correctly display them with any caching mechanism/plugin;
  • Custom template for displaying the widget is available and should be included in the active theme folder;
  • You can use some of the plugin's functions if the above are not enough for your customization needs;
  • Shortcodes are now supported for easier integration into posts/pages or other widgets.


This project is licensed under the General Public License version 2.0.